As there are so many services I can provide, it is difficult to give exact rates.  Listed below are estimates.  We will discuss all fees and come to an agreement before I am hired as your trainer and you will receive an itemized bill once we have reached an agreement.

$10.00 flat fee to reserve a date and time

$25.00 for every hour of time spent teaching a training chosen from my portfolio

$35.00 for every hour of time spent teaching a training that is created specifically for you (this includes payment for creating the training)

$10.00 for every hour spent observing and assessing

$0.565 for every mile I drive if you are more than 60 miles from my home

  • Please inquire about this using the Contact tab.
  • We will use Google Maps to determine the number of miles before we finalize our agreement.

If distance or time requires that I stay overnight, you must pay for my lodging and meals.

Some trainings require the use of poster board, markers, etc., which I will provide at no cost to you.  I am able to bring a projector and speakers.  If the size of the group or room requires a microphone, this will be your responsibility.  Of course, I am open to using whatever set-up you already have in place!

Discounts offered for referrals, church-based centers, conference-type events, start-up centers, or if I request to record a training!

I believe quality training should be available to everyone, please contact me if you want to discuss the rates.