This year I was the director for our church’s VBS.  We did Lifeway’s ClubVBS curriculum, Jungle Jaunt.  However, I made the training quite generic!  Change the dates and decoration ideas and the training would be ready to go at any church for almost any VBS curriculum!  This training is less about any specific VBS and more about general guidelines to a successful VBS.


I begin with my history and experiences, thank all the volunteers for their time and efforts, and then move into the meat of the training, split into 4 sections.  The first section is “The Stuff in Front of You” and includes information about the curriculum, classroom assignments, the rotation schedule, and blank supply lists.  I also talk about lesson planning and the blank lesson plans.


The next section is about decoration ideas.  I make it very clear that these are simply jumping off point type ideas that I got by Goggling the VBS theme and making it an image search.  To the best of my ability, I very quickly break down how I think each is done.




I give decoration dates and move into the next section, “Soapboxes.”  This section talks about safety, quickly overviews brief highlights of child protection training, and discipline.


(The information on this Discipline slide, along with the three types of authority with Authoritative as the desired type, pretty much sum up my beliefs about discipline. I talk about these things more in my Back to the Basics training.)

I end with a “Last But Not Least” section where any specifics would be given and giving the volunteers some time to talk and plan together.


If you are interesting in having me teach your VBS teachers how to teach, visit my Rates page for pricing ballparks or contact me!  For questions or comments about this training, please use the comment section below!

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