***Scroll to the bottom to hear the training done at W.E.E. School in August 2013.***

Child Development in the Bible was born out of my realization that many of our “best practices” in early childhood education are Biblically-based ideas.  It’s purpose is to give the ideas support from both the Bible and the “world,” using several psychology and early childhood education sources.  This was designed as an hour and half training but it lends itself to a two hour training well.

We begin with an introduction to both me and the training, as always, followed by the purpose and topics I will cover.


Then we Jump in using a “two-content slide” to show what both psychology/education experts say about the topic and what the Bible says.  Here are a few “snapshot” slides:





There is an optional 3 minute video clip about halfway through the informational slides.  While it does relate to the topic, it is merely humorous and breaks up what can become monotonous.

For this training, I would ask that each participant has a Bible, as I will be asking participants to read verses.  This training involves quite a bit of discussion as I: ask trainees to make intuitive leaps with me, encourage questions, and invite trainees to give me their own ideas for other connections we could make.

The following video has sound from the W. E.E. School training in August ’13 and you will be seeing the slides I used.  I am currently trying to figure out how to do re-do the video where the words on the slides come up as they did while I was teaching (ie the whole slide doesn’t show all at once but point by point or one side then the other) but have not found a simple way to do that yet.

If you are interested in me coming to Teach Preschool Teachers through this training, please visit my Rates page and Contact me!

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