All trainings will include a PowerPoint Presentation. Please click through the tabbed menu or on each title listed below to see sample slides from each training.

Back to Basics
3 hours
746.1309 (b)(1-4), (d)(7,8,10,11)
Interactive overview of: meeting all local and state regulations, schedule, lesson plans, alerts/permissions, daily information sheets, knowing current oldest and youngest, birthdays, daily communication with other staff and with parents, welcome packets, sub folders, transitions, incident reports, event samplings, responding to and approaching parents with a problem, room arrangement, centers, curriculum, discipline, meeting policy standards.
Includes video clips, on-screen graphics, handouts, discussions, and learner participation activities!

Back to the Basics Practical
2 hours
746.1309 (b)(3), (d)(7,10,11)

Practical applications of room arrangement, centers, use of curriculum and lesson plans, creating and posting documents (schedule, lesson plans, alerts/permissions, daily information sheets, oldest/youngest system, birthdays), and creating packets (welcome, sub folder, transitions) within local, state, and center standards.

Designed as an optional addition to the Back to the Basics training, this is an additional two hours where teachers actually do the things we discussed during the training. This is best done at the beginning of the school year or semester but could theoretically happen any time. Ideally, I would be on hand as well as the director and any administrative staff to answer questions and direct teachers.

The Emotional Development
1 hour
746.1309 (b)(1-4), (d)(7, 9 12)
A brief look at the nine basic emotions, how we use them to interact with the world, and how we can experience emotions in a healthy manner. Some negative examples in clips from the television show The Big Bang Theory. An overview of a child’s emotional development from birth through about 4 years old including basic milestones and how to interact with children to encourage healthy emotional development. When discussing 4 year old emotional development, viewing of a TED Talk lecture on delayed gratification and a discussion of why it is important and how to incorporate it in the classroom.
Includes video clips, handouts and discussions!

Also available in a 7 hour class! This gives time for more activities, more discussion, more information, more practical ideas for the classroom, and a more in-depth look at how to support a child’s emotional development throughout the stages of development.

Molding Emotions
1 hour
746.1309 (b)(1-4), (d)(7, 9 12)
Based off The Emotional Development but with the TBCWEA‘s 2013 theme in mind.

VBS 2013
1.5 hours
Policies, ideas, etc. for our church’s 2013 VBS
Includes decoration idea pictures.

Breaking Out of Survival
Coming Soon!!!

Child Development in the Bible
1.5 hours
746.1309 (b)(1,2,4), (d)(6,7)
A look at how the Bible and modern psychology, education experts, and theorists support best practices in childcare including: domains of child development, knowing your audience, affirming a child’s interests and gifts, scaffolding, modeling, setting boundaries, discipline, giving choices, natural consequences, logical consequences, and showing love through discipline.

7 hours
§746.1305 (a)(1-7)
Contains everything Minimum Standards says an employee needs to know before entering the classroom except SIDS/Shaken Baby/Early Brain Development.  Many chances for discussion, many activities, and some handouts.  Includes practical applications and some other tips for working in a center that may not be required by the state for pre-service.  There is a small amount of overlap with Back to the Basics.  It is my opinion that the overlaps can certainly stand to be repeated.

Join  me on March 22 as I teach this with Odessa College’s Continuing Education!  See their website for more details.

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