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There seems to be a pattern…


Yet again, it’s been 2 years and a whole lot of change since I last posted. When I last posted, we lived in the boonies with terrible and unreliable internet. We now live in a tiny town with much better internet. And “we” now mean 5! My husband and I have adopted two more children which means we now have 3 under 3, for a few more days at least. My son turns 4 in about a week.

I really didn’t chronicle much of my time with ECI and I’ve since left to stay home with my babies but I do want to go back and talk about my time in ECI some. It’s really shaped my understanding of Early Childhood. I’ve also developed a new training called Early Childhood Intervention & Your Classroom: A Collaboration. I taught it first at the Texas Association for the Education of Young Children’s Annual Conference. I talk about what ECI is because its such an under-utilized resource, what you should expect from ECI, how ECI works, and how you can expect to work as a team with ECI to support the kids in your classroom. ECI has so much to offer kids who need a little extra help and I know how valuable early childhood teachers are to the kids in their classroom. While I worked for ECI, I often felt so disconnected from the childcare world, even when I was in the classrooms visiting kids. And I know most early childhood teachers don’t know the innerworkings of ECI. I find it very exciting to merge my two early childhood worlds together!

As you can tell, lots of changes around here. I’ll be working on updating the website soon to reflect all of these changes.

“Have Positive Social Relationships”


As I’ve said a couple times, I work for ECI now.  I should probably do a post explaining ECI and my role before this but this is on my heart.  Monday, I was doing a training about some changes coming to ECI.  We use 3 Global Child Outcomes to help direct our services for kids.  All outcomes we develop must fit into at least one of these categories to help the child as a whole with one of these three things:

  1. Have positive social relationships
  2. Acquire and use knowledge and skills
  3. Take appropriate action to meet needs

They are very broad categories and it’s fairly difficult for me to think of a goal that wouldn’t easily fit into at least one of those categories.

Recently, the federal government has asked the states to come up with a plan to improve their ECIs.  Texas has decided, among other things, to focus on the first outcome a bit more-Have positive social relationships.

As I was listening to the training yesterday, I was reminded how often we take emotional intelligence and social skills for granted.  We find it difficult to teach those skills and assume children just somehow know them.  We get frustrated and forget the child honestly doesn’t know what to do with their emotions yet.  I’ve taught the Emotional Development training a few times now and I know its difficult for some teachers to process.  I’ve worked with families how are so focused on their child meeting physical milestones, they forget they need to meet social/emotional milestones as well.  I understand.  It’s hard to measure emotional milestones.  And we often make two steps forward one step back kind of progress with emotional goals.  Physical goals, and even mental goals, are easier to measure, easier to attain, easier to check off a list.  But emotional goals are actually the biggest indicator of a child’s future success!

We have to remember the whole child-physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual development are all important for a well-rounded child and, hopefully, adult.  I love the verse Luke 2:52 “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man” because it tells us Jesus grew in all those areas of development, too. (I talk about this more in Child Development in the Bible)

I’m excited about this push for more awareness of the necessity and importance of emotional intelligence! And I love how simply our global child outcome sums it up “Have positive social relationships.”  Such a simple statement but such a complex concept.

Do you need to learn more about Emotional Development? Or maybe about how ECI works for and with kids that may be at your center?  As always, Contact Me for more information!

Or Not…


Well, once again, the class I planned to teach last Saturday didn’t make.  I’m certainly disappointed.  I’ve put a lot of work into these 7 hour classes! I am attempting to teach PreService in August, its on the schedule for August 16.  I have also requested that I be put on the fall schedule for the Emotions class and a new class I’ve been working on, Breaking Out of Survival.  I sincerely hope word gets out and I am able to actually teach these classes!

If you have been signed up for either class and have been disappointed, I am so sorry!  I honestly have no control over whether or not the Odessa College classes happen.  At least 7 people have to sign up before I can teach a class at Odessa College.  Please let me know if there is a way for me to help mitigate any disappointment.


Now that that’s out of the way…


Since I finished Child Development in the Bible and completed my training and after action report, I’ve been focused more on the business side of things.  I still need to finish Breaking out of Survival and, from the comments I got on the evaluations from W.E.E. School’s training, want to develop a new training focused solely on discipline.  But developing those trainings has been put on hold for the moment.

I designed and ordered some business cards from VistaPrint and then realized some postcards would be really helpful for advertising, so I turned right around and designed and ordered those, too.  I’ve been compiling lists of centers I want to contact and, in addition to the business cards and postcards, designing a flyer to hand out.  I will be adding some pictures and either some audio or a video (using the audio I have combined with some slides from a presentation) on this site.  I will be rolling out a new Facebook page soon.  Basically, I’m working on several print and online medias to advertise and promote before I go back to finishing Breaking out of Survival and creating a new training on discipline.

Please bear with me as these changes come and I’d love for you to do what you can to get my name out there!