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Next Weekend!


Next Saturday, May 3, I will (hopefully people signed up!) be teaching Emotional Development at Odessa College!  It’s only about $30 for 7 hours of training and we will be covering several Minimum Standard training requirements (scroll down to Emotional Development to see what we’ll be covering).  It’s going to be all the fun videos of the shorter version with quite a few activities added and more time for practical ideas in addition to all the theories!  This training has been done for months now and I’m just putting on some finishing touches.  Go to Odessa College’s website to sign up and come out and see me next weekend!




I should have written this post on Thursday.  My only excuse is that it has been a crazy week and we had a wedding to attend out of town on Thursday.  Then I did not write yesterday because I took one of our youth girls to replace her stolen license in a town about 30 minutes away and then the youth had a trip to “the big city” to watch God’s Not Dead.

But the only reason I could do either of those Friday is because the training I was supposed to be teaching today was cancelled!  I found out early Thursday that only one person had signed up for my Pre-Service at Odessa College today, which caused them to cancel the class.  Honestly, March was an odd time to have Pre-Service offered, since its what you need before working in a child care center and not many people are hired in March.

So, apologies if you were the person who was supposed to be in the class today!  Contact me and we can set something up if you need to!

Honestly, though, I was relieved it was cancelled.  I was excited to be teaching the class but I just haven’t been able to really feel prepared yet.  In May I am teaching a class on Emotional Development at Odessa College, and I feel much more prepared for that class!  I’ll be teaching Pre-Service twice this summer-once for a center and once for Odessa College.  I know by July (and hopefully well before then!) I’ll have had the time to properly prepare for Pre-Service.

So, again, if you are reading this and you were supposed to be in Pre-Service today, or if you just need Pre-Service and you live in the Midland, Ector, Winkler, Ward, Andrews. Loving or other near counties, Contact me and we can work on setting something up!  We fully intend to offer the class again in August at Odessa College!


Why, Hello There!


It’s been a little crazy around my house since I last posted in September!  Things are settling down for a time, just in time to get a little crazy again this summer. I like being busy, but I also like my routines.  With all the craziness going on, I’m happy to announce a few awesome things going on in my business:

1)I got a projector and speaker set up together, which means I now only require a screen (or wall that will work as a screen) and possibly a microphone, depending on group/room size to come train for you!  Obviously, if you have a set up in place, I’ll be happy to use your equipment, but I am excited that this may open up some more possibilities.

2) I am developing an extended 7 hour Emotional Development course.  This is because I am teaching a few Continuing Education Classes for Odessa College.

3) Another class I am developing, for the same reason, is a 7 hour Pre-Service, which includes everything state-required but SIDS/Shaken Baby/Early Brain Development.

4) Between Odessa College, family summer plans, church involvement this summer, and a few other training opportunities, my summer availability is becoming limited. Please contact me soon for your summer training needs!

5) I will be sending in some new proposals to Odessa College soon about fall trainings, so be sure to look out for those as I get them developed on my Portfolio page.  Remember that I can take long classes and chop them up into smaller classes to better suit your needs!

In the next few weeks, I’ll be going through the website and doing a little updating here and there to reflect these exciting announcements!  I can’t wait to see where the next few months will take me.


I Have Hit a Little Writer’s Block…


I have most of the information for my Child Development in the Bible training.  But now I cannot figure out how I want to present it!  So that I would at least still be working while I was clueless about the next step, I started trying to design the slides.  And got very distracted on the Microsoft Office website downloading all manner of templates.

I still don’t have a design on the TWO completed slides and I am still stuck…

Any lurkers with wonderful ideas?! 🙂

I know this training will have plenty of discussion.

I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with a funny picture or clip that would break up the monotony that will often develops.

I think I’m frustrated because most of the other trainings I developed just flowed out and I had to pare down.  This one isn’t flowing yet.

Now to quit wasting time and get on with creating this training!


TBCWEA State Conference 2013


This past weekend, I had the unexpected pleasure of helping out at the Texas Baptist Church Weekday Education Association’s State Conference. My mom was on the on-site planning committee and knew they were needing some help with set up, registration, and some other things. I did not get to teach at the conference but I was very happy to be involved.
Also, I have a training booked for August 23, 2013! I’ll be going back to my former center, Parkway Baptist W.E.E. School to be a part of their annual training! They have requested for me to do the yet-to-be-finished Child Development in the Bible training, so I have to get a move on finishing that!

I feel refreshed (and exhausted!) by my experience at the State Conference and excited about the booked training!