I am married to Robert. We’ve been married since June, 2 2007.

We adopted a son in May 2016.  He was 17 months old at the time and had been with us since he was 9 days old

I love working with all preschoolers but my favorite ages to work with are the older toddlers and and the 2s.

I think that the baby and young toddlers classes are the hardest to work in!

My husband is self-employed as a carpenter/handy-man with Dailey Woodworks.

I am a Jesus follower.

I love to read.

  • I like a lot of youth fiction.
  • I read a lot of Christian historical fiction.
  • My favorite team for children’s books is Bill Martin, Jr., John Archambault, and Ted Rand.

I like to sew. I’ve learned to use a serger, do machine embroidery, and quilt.  I’m currently all about quilting and have done very little sewing otherwise.

Places I have lived: South Texas, the western tip of East Texas, Central Texas, and West Texas.

Cars I’ve driven:

  • F-150, regular cab, long bed, former oil field truck
  • F-150, extended can, regular bed, former oil field supervisor truck
  • Explorer
  • Expedition

Only job I’ve had that wasn’t childcare or otherwise working with children: Kirkland’s-where I did nearly everything-unloading the truck, setting up vignettes, pricing markdowns, clean up, cashier, customer service, pretty much everything but manage.  I worked there for just over a year and generally worked 6 hours a week or less!