There seems to be a pattern…


Yet again, it’s been 2 years and a whole lot of change since I last posted. When I last posted, we lived in the boonies with terrible and unreliable internet. We now live in a tiny town with much better internet. And “we” now mean 5! My husband and I have adopted two more children which means we now have 3 under 3, for a few more days at least. My son turns 4 in about a week.

I really didn’t chronicle much of my time with ECI and I’ve since left to stay home with my babies but I do want to go back and talk about my time in ECI some. It’s really shaped my understanding of Early Childhood. I’ve also developed a new training called Early Childhood Intervention & Your Classroom: A Collaboration. I taught it first at the Texas Association for the Education of Young Children’s Annual Conference. I talk about what ECI is because its such an under-utilized resource, what you should expect from ECI, how ECI works, and how you can expect to work as a team with ECI to support the kids in your classroom. ECI has so much to offer kids who need a little extra help and I know how valuable early childhood teachers are to the kids in their classroom. While I worked for ECI, I often felt so disconnected from the childcare world, even when I was in the classrooms visiting kids. And I know most early childhood teachers don’t know the innerworkings of ECI. I find it very exciting to merge my two early childhood worlds together!

As you can tell, lots of changes around here. I’ll be working on updating the website soon to reflect all of these changes.

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