Now that that’s out of the way…


Since I finished Child Development in the Bible and completed my training and after action report, I’ve been focused more on the business side of things.  I still need to finish Breaking out of Survival and, from the comments I got on the evaluations from W.E.E. School’s training, want to develop a new training focused solely on discipline.  But developing those trainings has been put on hold for the moment.

I designed and ordered some business cards from VistaPrint and then realized some postcards would be really helpful for advertising, so I turned right around and designed and ordered those, too.  I’ve been compiling lists of centers I want to contact and, in addition to the business cards and postcards, designing a flyer to hand out.  I will be adding some pictures and either some audio or a video (using the audio I have combined with some slides from a presentation) on this site.  I will be rolling out a new Facebook page soon.  Basically, I’m working on several print and online medias to advertise and promote before I go back to finishing Breaking out of Survival and creating a new training on discipline.

Please bear with me as these changes come and I’d love for you to do what you can to get my name out there!


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