I Have Hit a Little Writer’s Block…


I have most of the information for my Child Development in the Bible training.  But now I cannot figure out how I want to present it!  So that I would at least still be working while I was clueless about the next step, I started trying to design the slides.  And got very distracted on the Microsoft Office website downloading all manner of templates.

I still don’t have a design on the TWO completed slides and I am still stuck…

Any lurkers with wonderful ideas?! 🙂

I know this training will have plenty of discussion.

I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with a funny picture or clip that would break up the monotony that will often develops.

I think I’m frustrated because most of the other trainings I developed just flowed out and I had to pare down.  This one isn’t flowing yet.

Now to quit wasting time and get on with creating this training!


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